One Actor’s Pursuit in Hollywood

So, I’m going to start blogging about my life and in and around the entertainment business here in Los Angeles.  My intent is to record and observe my experiences – this won’t be a place to bitch and moan.  At the same time, I want to be true to the feelings and the experiences I’m having.  It’s a bit daunting to start a blog about what has been the last 15 years of my life, but I guess I can just start from where I am today.  Of course, I wonder things like, “who’s going to actually read this and what will they think?”  Well, I’m going on the assumption that no one will read it, and that makes it a lot easier.  This way, I can just do it for myself.

From an entertainment industry perspective, who am I?  I am an actor who has starred in 3 independent films and played small parts on a couple of TV shows.  I rank around 60,000 on IMDB, if that means anything.  My hobbies are writing, music, fitness, and baseball.  I aim to make acting and writing my sole sources of income.  I have supported myself during the pursuits of the last 15 years by working as a personal trainer.  Teaching fitness is something I am very good at and passionate about.  It makes for a great “day job”.  I also love to act, perform, and study human behavior.  Working as a personal trainer has given me the great opportunity to get to know and study many very different kinds of people.  Fertile ground for creating characters.

I recently injured my back and it has made me realize I need to earn a living in a way that’s kinder and gentler to my body.  I know I have what it takes to succeed as an actor, I’ve just found the “earning a living” part of it to be quite a challenge!  I’m aiming to change that.  I’ve done a lot of work on myself, personally, over the years.  I’ve studied with many different acting teachers and taken career workshops in New York and Los Angeles.  I’ve done therapy and maintain a daily spiritual practice.  I continually seek growth and inspiration.

At the same time, I want to work and earn a living in this industry.  I have a great commercial agent, Daniel Hoff, and am seeking a theatrical agent.  I’ve had the great fortune to star as 3 very different characters in independent films.  I’ve learned about the filmmaking process in a very real way under director Everett Lewis.  Everett and I hit it off right away when I auditioned for his film LUCKY BASTARD in 2007.  He had me in mind for the lead and I told him that I really responded to the second lead character of “Denny”, a drug-addicted hustler.  He gave me the part, trusted me, and allowed me to explore and grow as an actor.  He then wrote parts for me in two other films and I’m very grateful for the experience he’s given me.

That’s the nutshell.  I now find myself in the place of having to convince (sometimes) cynical agents and managers that I have what it takes to do this.  I’m just thinking that writing about it in this way can only expand the energy in the direction of my goals.